Nevada ODR: Carson City Courts launch traffic platform

Congratulations to Carson City Justice/Municipal Court for launching traffic ODR in Nevada. Previously, motorists in Carson City needed to go to court in person to participate in a pretrial conference. Now, they can handle eligible court matters online on their own schedule, from anywhere.

A map of the United States with Nevada emphasized. The words on the graphic say "Congrats to Carson City Justice/Municipal Court for launching ODR for traffic cases."

Cases eligible to be reviewed on the site include parking violations and redlight camera traffic infractions. Motorists may visit the Carson City Justice and Municipal Court’s ODR site to search with information about their case, such as their name or citation number. Those who find an eligible case, may contest the case via the site. Motorists will receive email or SMS text notifications as their case is reviewed by the Prosecutor.

“I support ODR as it will allow my office greater flexibility to assist the public who are contesting their traffic citation through technology….It’s a win-win situation.”

Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury, quoted in

“ODR will provide greater flexibility and convenience to the public.”

Judge Thomas R. Armstrong, quoted in

“The public will continue to have access to the court if they desire to contest their citation through a traditional traffic trial.”

Judge Kristin N. Luis, quoted in

The Department of Public Safety, Office of Criminal Justice Assistance, and COVID Emergency Funding Program supported for this launch.

Congratulations to the Carson City Justice and Municipal Court on expanding access to justice in Nevada.

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