ODR at The Future is Now Legal Services 2019 Event

The Future is Now Legal Services 2019 event takes place Thursday, May 16 in Chicago. The theme of this year’s event is The Rule of Law Amid Change. The discussion will focus on the use of technology to increase access and provide efficient delivery of legal services.

Positive Impact = Online Dispute Resolution

MJ Cartwright of Matterhorn will lead a town hall style discussion on how online dispute resolution (ODR) can engage stakeholders to increase access and improve efficiency.

Almost 40 percent of people who resolve legal cases through online dispute resolution (ODR) wouldn’t have been able to get to the courthouse. For many, scheduling, transportation, and other impediments to access stand in their way.

To date, tens of thousands of ODR cases have been resolved online. And strong efficacy, positive experiences with the judiciary, and faster time to resolution have been reported.

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