ODR for Warrant Resolution at the 16th District Court

The 16th District Court has been offering traffic infraction ODR since 2016. Now, the court has expanded this program to include ODR for warrant resolution.

Individuals with a warrant may fear arrest if they come to court to address it. With this online option, an individual with a warrant can initiate the ODR warrant resolution process from anywhere via their mobile phone.

Michigan 16th District Court in the news for Warrant Resolution ODR

In a recent article in USA Today’s Hometown Life, Court Administrator Nadezda Stojcevska shared that the ODR warrant resolution program benefits the public and the court.

They have lifted the cloud that may have been bothering them, it’s a good alternative to resolve warrants.

Court Administrator Nadezda Stojcevska

Congratulations to Judge Sean P. Kavanagh, Judge Kathleen J. McCann, and Court Administrator Stojcevska for expanding access to justice in Michigan and beyond.

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