ODR in California: Traffic Citations

The Superior Court of California – San Joaquin County launched online resolution for traffic infractions in October, 2020. Congratulations to Presiding Judge Xapuri Villapudua and the entire staff of the Court for increasing access to justice in California. This is the first court-connected launch of Matterhorn ODR in California.

A map of the US showing California in color with the words: "Congrats to the Superior Court of California - County of San Joaquin".
Congrats to the Superior Court of California – County of San Joaquin

“The court is pleased to be able to enhance the public’s access to justice through the ODR system. Expanding virtual court services in San Joaquin County has never been more important”

Presiding Judge Xapuri Villapudua, quoted in The Record article on the launch

The online platform for the Superior Court of California San Joaquin County launched in October 2020. The court has opened the opportunity for motorists with traffic infractions to interact with the court online.

Because of restrictions on public contact due to COVID-19, the Court has opened an online door to resolve cases via Matterhorn. Anyone with a traffic case in San Joaquin County can contact the court about their case via the system. If their case cannot be resolved online, staff will use the platform to advise the public on how their case can be handled. The Court needed the option to organize communications with the public on their traffic cases in a way that was consistent and clear.

Additionally, the system can be used to generate the order to reduce or dismiss the charge as a result of the case resolution process. The platform then routes the order for signature and efiles it.

How Traffic ODR in California Works

Motorists with traffic infractions can choose to handle their case online from anywhere. See how it works in the Court’s instructional video.

VIDEO: Online Dispute Resolution for Traffic Tickets at Superior Court of California – San Joaquin County

The court’s online traffic ODR system is powered by Matterhorn, which powers online traffic adjudication and online dispute resolution systems for courts across the nation.

What’s Next?

Matterhorn asked Ahn Tran, the court’s IT Manager about the court’s vision for the platform.

As for the future, I would like to keep enhancing the system to enable as much remote processing as possible.  It will provide the public with a choice even after the pandemic.

Ahn Tran, IT Manager at the Court

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