ODR in Iowa: Traffic Citations

The Iowa District Court for Carroll County became the first court to launch ODR in Iowa. The court launched an online platform for the public to resolve traffic citations. Congratulations to County Attorney John Werden and the Iowa Supreme Court for leading the way. The court is using Matterhorn ODR to power its platform.

Map showing Iowa in color on an outline of the contiguous US with the words:C Congrats to the Iowa District Court for Caroll County on their launch of ODR for Traffic Citations
Congrats to Iowa District Court for Carroll County

“When the (Iowa) Supreme Court asked for a county to participate, I was the first to say ‘yes’ because I see this as moving us forward to serve the public and add efficiency to my office,”

County Attorney John Werden, quoted in the Carroll Times Herald article covering the launch

The Iowa Judicial Branch is offering the online platform for resolving traffic citations. With the system, motorists can:

  • Pay their fee online
  • Ask for an installment payment plan
  • Submit evidence

Congratulations to County Attorney John Werden and the Iowa Supreme Court for improving access to justice in Iowa.

See if you are Eligible for ODR in Iowa

To check if your citation is eligible for ODR, you must enter your drivers license and date of birth. The system will prompt you for next steps. Those who engage with the system do not give up their right to an in person hearing.

More About Carroll County, Iowa

Carroll County is a predominantly rural county in mid-western Iowa, northwest of Des Moines and due west from Ames, Iowa. In the 2010 census, its population was just over 20,000 people in a total area of 570 square miles. Online traffic citation resolution will help motorists in Carroll County take care of their citations online, letting them avoid taking time away from other things and to avoid traveling long distances to resolve a court case.

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