ODR Metrics – Customer Satisfaction

How do you measure the benefits and outcomes of online dispute resolution? You can measure benefits in terms of success in closing cases faster, success in increasing compliance, and measuring access via device and location. Yet, it’s equally important to also measure the sentiment of members of the public who use the service.

At Matterhorn, we measure these things with our courts and agencies. Since 2016, at the conclusion of every case handled on Matterhorn, the software sends a short (<5 minute) customer satisfaction survey. It consists of rating questions and some open-ended questions. 

Since 2016, Matterhorn has handled tens of thousands of cases and issued the same number of surveys. About 10% of people return the survey, meaning thousands of surveys have been completed for Matterhorn cases spanning traffic, parking, warrant resolution, warrant prevention, ability to pay, and small claims cases. 

ODR Metrics: Access to Justice

39% of people who use ODR would not have been able to come to court otherwise.

The survey asks people whether they would have been able to handle their matter in-person at the court. Across all Matterhorn cases, it’s pretty consistent that about 39% of people say they could not have made it to court in person.

This metric varies from court-to-court (for instance 52% of respondents for the Farmers Branch Municipal Court say they could not have made it to court). 

ODR Improves Efficiency

The survey asks whether people felt their case was resolved in a timely manner. Only 10% of survey respondents disagree with that statement.

The survey asks whether people felt the website was easy to use. Only 7% disagree.

Only 10% of people who use ODR say their case was not resolved in a timely manner.

Only 7% of people who use Matterhorn ODR say the website was not easy-to-use.

ODR Metrics: Fairness

Only 16% of people who use ODR say their case was not handled fairly.

Similarly, the survey asks whether people felt their case was handled fairly. Only 16% disagree. These results are somewhat correlated with the outcome of their case on Matterhorn. People who do not get what they wanted from the process (a reduced charge, the settlement they wanted) are more likely to say that the outcome was not fair.

ODR Customer Survey Responses

The open ended questions provide great insight and feedback to our team and our courts and agencies. We hear about some challenges in waiting times for the ticket to appear (Matterhorn handles this with an opt-in for updates) and some notes about the need for a payment plan in some cases. We share this feedback with our courts and agencies and use it to improve our product.

Of course, the happy comments warm our hearts. Here are a few recent highlights.

It was a very good experience. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to go to the court room, online made the whole process so much less intimidating and more comfortable to come up with a resolution.

Small claims, Summer 2018

It is a great way to achieve your goals when you have miles to travel in order to handle traffic violations.

Traffic case, November 2018

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