ODR Metrics – Measure access by geography and device

Courts, mediation centers, and municipalities measure the impact of their online dispute resolution platforms in many ways. They can measure the impact in terms of changes in the number of in-person hearings, changes in the amount of people in waiting rooms, and improved time to case closure.

Web analytics provides additional information including who is using the system, from where, and on what device.

ODR Metrics: Access by Age

Before looking at the data, who would you expect visits an ODR site? You might be surprised to find that it’s not only Millennials. According to Google Analytics for a typical Matterhorn site, a little over half of the site visitors are younger than 44. The other half are people from 45 to 65+.

It turns out that the online access matters to all, not just the young.

ODR Metrics: Location

The online aspect of ODR means that anyone can access the court whether they are near or far. In the sample data shown, people from all over the country access this Michigan court’s ODR site. Yet, you will also notice that many people right in the Detroit area also use the site. So it isn’t just those distant from the court who use the site. 

From where do people access your court’s ODR site?
In this example, a Detroit-area court has many local visitors, but also visits from across the midwest.
Again, while most visits are from Michigan, this Detroit-area court receives visits from across the nation.

ODR Metrics: Device Type

Typically, courts and mediation centers use the ODR software via desktop or laptop computers. In contrast, the majority of public users access their Matterhorn system via a mobile device (50-80%).

ODR website visitors by device type – in this example, close to 60% of public users of the site visit on mobile and tablet devices.

These metrics, along with customer satisfaction survey data, are available to all Matterhorn-enabled courts, mediation centers, and municipalities for analysis and sharing with stakeholders.

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