ODR Now Available in Australia & New Zealand

People expect timeliness and access from all parts of their lives, from social media, to business communications, to interactions with government and the courts. Many federal and state-based reviews have found participants in the legal process seek better access to information.

However, our state and federal courts and arbitrators do not have the technology base typically needed to provide the access and availability demanded by the public.

ODR & Integrated Case Management Hosted in Australia 

Optimizing these processes and taking them online is a worthy project, and in response to this need, Acclimation now offers integrated case management and online dispute resolution (ODR) hosted in Australia. Acclimation, a technology and business improvement consulting firm, has served the Supreme Court of Victoria, the County Court of Victoria, and several other government departments and agencies.

It combines knowledge of, and relationships within, the justice and arbitration systems with established partnerships encompassing judiciary case management leader, equivant, and world leading Online Dispute Resolution platform provider, Matterhorn. This powerful combination provides seamless access for the public with the powerful case management and reporting needed by courts and dispute resolution tribunals.

Meeting Technology Needs Through a Component-Based Approach

“This partnership leverages expertise and products from three companies to provide end-to-end solutions for ODR and case management using best-of-breed components. We believe working together through this component-based approach provides the best possible solutions to meet the technology needs of the courts and the public.”

MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn CEO

“Courts today need to offer secure and easy access to satisfy the public demand. ODR built on proven court case management technology provides court staff and the public with familiar and secure tools. This partnership combines best-of-breed solutions to deliver the most value for our courts and the public.”

Gary Egner, Director of Business Development at equivant

“We are committed to bringing and supporting the best technologies to Courts and Arbitrators in Australia, the seamless integration of these two platforms, hosted securely in Australia, brings un-paralleled access to justice for the community, whilst delivering world’s best practice technology, processes and automation to our judicial services.”

Andrew Stuart, Sales Director at Acclimation

ODR Platform Deployed  

Acclimation and Matterhorn have deployed the ODR platform in local Australian data centres, complying with data sovereignty requirements. With this deployment, the team at Acclimation is immediately available to access the platform and show you the Matterhorn approach to Online Dispute Resolution.

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