ODR Solutions

Matterhorn is ODR or Online Dispute Resolution. Courts, agencies, and mediation centers with Matterhorn gain all of the benefits of ODR, including:

  • increased access
  • efficiencies
  • fairness – people who use ODR feel they have been treated fairly
  • increased enforcement/collections
  • positive customer satisfaction

Matterhorn ODR Options

Courts and agencies use Matterhorn for civil cases (small claims and family court), traffic ticket and minor infraction resolution, warrants and amnesty, and to assess ability to pay.

Matterhorn modules

Matterhorn ODR solutions for courts: Civil cases, domestic relations cases, traffic and misdemeanors, warrants, amnesty, and ability-to-pay assessment.

Why Add ODR?

Matterhorn-enabled courts and agencies get strong results such as increased access to justice, staff efficiencies, and improved customer service.

Matterhorn ODR is a modern-day point of access: a front door for your court or agency on the web that is “open for business” 24/7.  With ODR, you provide access to individuals who live at a distance, those who live or have moved outside the jurisdiction, such as travelers, students, and the military, and those who for another reason find it difficult to attend. And all participants can access their case and information securely from any device.

Matterhorn is neither a robo-court nor robo-judge. Court staff, police agencies, and the public remain involved, communicating seamlessly through the Matterhorn platform. Matterhorn ODR brings the public, government staff, and others together to handle relatively minor and routine proceedings. Matterhorn helps to streamline the parts of processes that don’t need to take place in person. And the efficiencies gained means your personnel can focus on the cases that can and should require more attention.

Matterhorn is Software-as-a-Service, a cloud-based solution that extends access to your court or agency. We integrate with your current process and systems in a simple, quick, collaborative and cost-effective way.

The Public Likes ODR

“This process allowed me to voice my opposition but still take responsibility and not miss any work. Doing it this way was a lot better than possibly losing my job to go to court.”

“Hopefully will not have a situation where I need something like this (again), but it offers an alternative that I think is a great option!!”