Ability to Pay

CurrencyAbility to Pay Provides Courts and Citizens a Digital Means of "Right-Sizing" Penalties

Most people don’t want to ignore their legal financial obligations but they feel they may have no choice. The combination of fear and a lack of resources means that often, people neglect them. This results in a series of cascading consequences for individuals and the courts, which have backlogs of outstanding cases and collections.

Historically, these citizens are chased by collections, arrested and jailed, or required to detail their plight in open court. There is a better, more humane way to handle these situations with Matterhorn®.

Matterhorn Empowers Citizens and Courts

Matterhorn contains a digital ability-to-pay and financial stability tool to help resolve these issues. People can access the private, secure, web-based “smart” assessment that has built-in intelligence and skip patterns that keep the questions specific and relevant. Developed jointly with poverty, legal, and content experts, the digital tool can stand alone or be configured and embedded in existing Matterhorn solutions.

Ability to Pay Configurable Steps


Citizens can interact with the court privately, securely and with a sense of ownership over their situation that requires resolution. This assessment is configurable to focus on specific data required by the court.

Assessment Info for Determination

Responses and calculations are displayed on the court dashboard in summary with highlights or in greater detail for further inquiry, analysis, and decision-making.


Accommodates various, configurable penalties: payment plans, extended payments, reduced fees, community services, and combined determinations with both a payment plan and community service.


People are notified about decisions, payment plans and, if applicable, sentence information. Compliance is supported with ongoing reminders and opportunities to communicate status and change.

What is Matterhorn?

Matterhorn is a web-based platform designed to allow courts to handle large volumes of infractions, disputes, warrants, and other cases—all online.