ODR for Law Firms

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Provide your clients a private, secure, online space to resolve issues before a case filing or before a court hearing if a case has been filed in court with Matterhorn Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for Law Firms.

Offering your services via ODR expands options for you to serve your clients. Provide your clients an online space for negotiation and mediation via the ODR platform. Handle court-ordered mediations online. Matterhorn provides online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms to courts, mediation centers, law firms, and agencies.

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Benefits of ODR for Law Firms

Convenient and Accessibile

Parties are able to communicate via the platform at their convenience, from any device.

Participants report the platform is easy to use and quick to learn.

A Safe, Structured Place to Reach Resolution

Conduct mediation and negotiations via the platform.

The structured, online environment helps create a sense of safety and neutrality with oversight by you to focus on a productive and civil resolution.

Prepare and Sign Agreements Online

Matterhorn’s online agreement preparation, review, and signature features eases the agreement process.

You and the Parties get to focus on the big issues. Let the platform handle the logistics of routing the agreement through review and signature.

How ODR for Law Firms Works

Online dispute resolution extends the benefits of your existing negotiation and agreement practice into the online space. Parties can access their information, your team, and each other at their convenience, from the comfort of their separate homes or locations. Once parties define their agreement, the platform uses your pre-defined template agreements, customized with the details of their situation. Then, the parties may electronically sign the agreement online. Behind the scenes, Matterhorn can also efile the signed agreement for court-ordered mediations.

Matterhorn is highly configurable and can be applied to many case types: such as small claims, landlord-tenant, neighborhood disputes, and family issues. The software interfaces with your case management systems as needed and can be used as a stand-alone system as well.

Benefits of ODR for Law Firms

Benefits for your Firm

  • Serve your clients where they are: online
  • Spend less time scheduling and more time facilitating
  • Organized conversation and upload history
  • Prepare and sign agreements online
  • Increase participant satisfaction
  • Configured to your center’s unique style, language, and approach

Benefits for your Clients

  • Mobile-friendly, on-demand 24/7 access
  • Convenient interface allows for group discussions and sidebars
  • Ability to share and review documents online
  • Sign agreements online
  • Digitally documented case history

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Outcomes

Matterhorn has been in use since 2014, trusted by over 150 courts, agencies, mediation centers, and attorneys. The public has used Matterhorn to resolve over 175,000 cases.

The Office of Dispute Resolution at the Franklin County Municipal Court has been using Matterhorn ODR for online mediated small claims cases since 2016.

  • View a short video featuring Franklin County Municipal Court staff (3 minutes)
  • Watch a longer webinar featuring Alex Sanchez of Franklin County Municipal Court staff (1 hour)
  • Read an article about Franklin County Municipal Court in the magazine of the Norwegian judiciary, Rett på Sak.