ODR for Mediation

Online Dispute Resolution for Mediation Centers

Scales of JusticeResolve issues with your clients before the court hearing, or before they become court cases.

Mediation provides a safe space for parties to work out an agreement to their dispute that makes sense for them, because they participated fully in the process.

Matterhorn Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provides a way for mediation centers to extend their services online, as a complement to in-person and telephone services.

Online dispute resolution extends the benefits of mediation into the online space. Parties can access their information, their mediator, and each other at their convenience, from the comfort of their separate homes or locations. Once parties define their agreement, the system helps them prepare and electronically sign the agreement. Behind the scenes, Matterhorn can also efile the signed agreement for court-ordered mediations.

Matterhorn is highly configurable and can be applied to many mediation case types: such as small claims, landlord-tenant, neighborhood disputes, and family issues. The software interfaces with case management systems as needed and can be used as a stand-alone system as well.

Communicate from Anywhere, on Any Device, at Any Time

Parties are able to resolve their differences through real-time or asynchronous communications privately and online. Our centers see communications initiated 24/7 rather than just during business hours.

Parties can work directly with their mediator in a group setting, or in a private sidebar.

Online Conversations that are Productive

The structured, online environment helps create a sense of safety and neutrality with oversight by the mediator to focus on a productive and civil resolution.

Organized Case Overview Dashboard

Matterhorn’s mediator and administrative dashboard organizes the cases by their status and provides lightweight and useful reports for administrative staff.

Prepare and Sign Agreements Online

Matterhorn’s online agreement preparation, review, and signature features eases the agreement process. Parties and the mediator get to focus on the important stuff while the software handles the logistics of routing the agreement through review and signature.

Benefits of ODR in Mediation

Benefits to Your Center

  • Serve your clients where they are: online
  • Spend less time scheduling and more time facilitating
  • Organized conversation and upload history
  • Prepare and sign agreements online
  • Increase participant satisfaction
  • Configured to your center’s unique style, language, and approach

Benefits to Participants

  • Mobile-friendly, on-demand 24/7 access
  • Convenient interface allows for group discussions and sidebars
  • Ability to share and review documents online
  • Prepare and sign agreements online
  • Digitally documented case history

Online Mediation Outcomes

What have mediators with Matterhorn achieved?

The Mediation Center of the Pacific launched Matterhorn ODR in late 2018. The Office of Dispute Resolution at the Franklin County Municipal Court has been using Matterhorn ODR for online mediated small claims cases since 2016.

  • a short video featuring Franklin County Municipal Court staff (3 minutes)
  • a longer webinar featuring Alex Sanchez of Franklin County Municipal Court staff (1 hour)
  • Read an article about Franklin County Municipal Court in the magazine of the Norwegian judiciary, Rett på Sak.

What is Matterhorn?

Matterhorn is a web-based platform designed to allow mediation centers to handle cases online.