MI-Resolve: Michigan Mediation Center ODR

As of July 1 2020, online dispute resolution (ODR) is available to anyone in the state of Michigan to resolve general civil disputes.

The Michigan Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution has supported community dispute resolution centers for over thirty years. These centers work with the public to resolve disputes, including but not limited to court-referred mediation.

Traditionally, these resolution centers have offered the support of trained, volunteer mediators in the court, in person at the mediation center, via phone and web conference. Now, these mediation centers also offer mediation via online dispute resolution, powered by Matterhorn.

People in Michigan with landlord-tenant issues, contract disputes, and neighborhood disputes may use the system free of charge. See which dispute resolution center and website is in your area.

Map of Michigan Mediation Centers with ODR

List of Michigan Mediation Center ODR Sites

Upper Peninsula

Lower Peninsula, Southwest

  • Center for Dispute Resolution (website, ODR site)
  • Citizens Mediation Service (website, ODR site)
  • Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan (website, ODR site)
  • Mediation and Restorative Services (website, ODR site)
  • Resolution Services Center of Central Michigan (website, ODR site)

Lower Peninsula, North

Lower Peninsula, Southeast

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