Family Online Dispute Resolution

Scales of Justice

Courts, agencies and mediation centers use Matterhorn Family Online Dispute Resolution to resolve parenting, child support, and domestic disputes and cases online. People can use the system to resolve issues from anywhere on their own timeline.

The online environment helps create a sense of safety and neutrality, and oversight by your agency or appointed mediators helps the parties focus on a productive and fair resolution.

Family Online Dispute Resolution Applications

ODR applies to many family court case types: child support compliance, parenting time complaints and resolution, legal separation, dissolution, and divorce cases.

Child Support

“Our investment in Matterhorn is paying off for the court, for the county as our funding unit, but most importantly for the people that are trying to get their business handled.”

Kevin J. Bowling, Court Administrator, Michigan 20th Circuit Court (video/interview)

Reduce hearings, reduce warrants, improve child support collections with Matterhorn.

Parenting Time

Courts with Matterhorn use the platform to accept and resolve parenting time complaints.

Parents can negotiate makeup time or a new parenting time schedule on the platform with the support of caseworkers, facilitators, or mediators, as appropriate.


Reduce backlog and serve the public faster by providing a means for people to resolve their cases online before their hearings

Courts use the platform to facilitate divorce, legal separation, and dissolution cases

What is Matterhorn?

A Family Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Parties collaborate or work separately via real-time or asynchronous communications privately and online. Our agencies see resolutions initiated 24/7 rather than just during business hours.

Third parties, such as a moderator, mediator, or facilitator, may assist the parties reach in resolution, as appropriate for your case type.

Additionally, Matterhorn ODR is used for civil case types such as small claims and city tax cases.