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Initiate and Resolve Parenting Time Concerns Online

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Once a parenting time schedule has been established, maintaining it can be a challenge. Life happens.

When a parenting time complaint or issue emerges, an in-person mediation or hearing can be hard to schedule, especially when one parent is distant geographically or has other constraints.

Family Courts and Friend of the Court agencies with Matterhorn bring parents and staff together to resolve parenting time issues online. Parents can communicate 1-on-1 with caseworkers through a private and secure portal. Parent communication with each other may be direct or may be handled through a mediator by shuttle diplomacy, depending on the situation. Matterhorn can be used for IV-D and non-IV-D families.

When all the players engage from their own devices and on their own time, matters can be discussed and resolved conveniently and quickly.

Easy, Convenient Communication

Caseworkers, neutrals if needed, and parents communicate easily online with their own devices on their own schedules. Matterhorn notifies the relevant parties when there is new information or an agreement to be signed on the platform.

Work out Issues before a Hearing

Court staff may need to schedule a hearing to enforce a parenting time complaint. Ahead of a scheduled hearing, the parents can resolve the issue online by creating a makeup time policy or coming to a revised agreement that reflects the new situation.

Quick, Online Agreements

Once all stakeholders have agreed upon a revised schedule or makeup policy, court staff can prepare an agreement, stipulation, or consent order. This agreement can be signed by all parties digitally from their own devices, and then posted if needed to the case management system.

Secure, Private Setting

The security and privacy of information about your clients, their discussions, and their family is paramount. Learn more about Matterhorn security and privacy.

Family Court Parenting Time Online Resolution

Benefits to Your Court

  • Resolve more cases before their hearings
  • Convenient agreements and negotiation
  • Configured to your court’s unique approaches

Benefits to Families

  • Connect with your caseworker, mediator, facilitator, or conference officer conveniently from any device
  • Secure and private negotiation space

Who Uses Matterhorn?

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What is Matterhorn?

Matterhorn is a web-based platform that to allows courts to offer an online “door” to the court. Matterhorn helps courts increase access and options for the public.