Traffic Solutions

Traffic IntersectionMany people request a review of their traffic citation, parking citation, minor civil infraction, or minor misdemeanor. Scheduling hearings can involve long waits for the public and take valuable time from other activities for court staff and law enforcement. Yet, people deserve their day in court. The answer: online traffic adjudication.

Matterhorn Outcomes

Matterhorn-enabled courts have resolved tens of thousands of minor infractions and misdemeanors online.

More Access

Serve the missing


Thirty-nine percent of Matterhorn users said they were not able to come to court in person.

Source: we survey people after their case closes.

Save Time

Do the same work in


of the time.

Combined court staff time per hearing was 157 minutes before, compared to 27 minutes with Matterhorn.

See this ODR result.

Resolve Cases Faster

Cases close in


less time.

Court cases took an average of 50 days before Matterhorn compared to just 14 days after implementation.

See this ODR result.

How It Works

Matterhorn courts empower the public to participate in the legal process on their own schedule. Using Matterhorn, the person requests a review of their citation online, submits a statement, and uploads a photo or other documents if needed.

Law enforcement can review the person's statement without waiting in court.

Judges and magistrates can adjudicate their cases without the docket time and hassle.

Court staff who bring Matterhorn into their courts increase access to justice and improve the workflow for all parties, including slimming their own task list.

Benefits to your Court

  • Reduce the number of court dockets
  • Reduce clerk time and effort
  • Reduce defaults
  • Increase safety by reducing crowds within your court buildings

Benefits to Law Enforcement

  • Fewer informal hearings
  • Eliminate the need for an officer to attend court hearings
  • More officers available for patrol
  • Reduce required overtime

Benefits to the Public

  • Connect with your court in a safe and trusted way
  • Avoid having to take time off work, miss school, or arrange childcare to attend court hearing
  • Access for those who have historically not had it

Start with Traffic, then Expand

Once you have traffic ticket online resolution for your court, you can expand access to your court via ability to pay, online amnesty, family court compliancesmall claims, warrant prevention, and warrant resolution solutions.

See for Yourself

Let us show you how you can create a win-win-win in your court.