Accept Uploads for Waivable and Correctable Traffic Offenses Online

Traffic Intersection

Courts provide convenient access to the public and reduce lines at the court with Matterhorn online dispute resolution for waivable and correctable traffic citations and payable misdemeanors.

Matterhorn is available in over 60 locations such as courts, municipalities, and mediation centers in 10 states. To date, people have resolved tens of thousands of cases online with Matterhorn.

One of Matterhorn’s most popular modules with courts is online review of traffic infractions. A subset of traffic offenses involve missing documentation at the time of the traffic stop. For eligible citations, the fine or fee may be reduced or waived upon the ticket-holder providing valid proof of:

  • operators permit or drivers license,
  • insurance,
  • registration, or
  • repair of defective equipment,
  • depending on the offense type and jurisdiction.

Before online access, members of the public with these types of citations needed to bring their documents to the court. With Matterhorn, members of the public can upload a photo or scan from their mobile phone, at their convenience.

How Waivable or Correctable Traffic Citation Resolution Works Online

  1. A member of the public finds their eligible offense by searching the court’s online site.
  2. Then, they request review of their case and upload photos or scans of the documents.
  3. Next, court staff can review submitted images or documents and handle as they would if the documents were provided in person.
  4. Finally, the person receives a text and/or email message to return to the site and can accept the court’s offer and pay the updated fine, if applicable.

Possible outcomes – online just like in person

  • Upon receipt of a clear photo showing a drivers license and/or registration valid on the date of the ticket, a clerk may reduce a fine to $0.
  • When reviewing a photo of a valid proof of insurance, the clerk may reduce the fine.
Example waivable review request screen.
The content on this screen (descriptions, fines, grace period)
and your eligibility criteria are customized to your court ahead of your ODR launch.

Benefits to the Court 

  • Reduce clerk time and effort
  • Reduce defaults
  • Increase safety by reducing traffic into the building

Benefits to the Public

  • Connect with your court in a convenient and familiar way
  • Avoid having to take time off work, miss school, or arrange childcare to submit their documents in person
  • Access for those who have historically not had it

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