Warrants and Pleas

Online Dispute Resolution for Warrants and Pleas

ShieldMatterhorn Online Dispute Resolution for Warrants and Pleas allows people to work with the court to prevent a warrant, resolve a warrant, plea online, or participate in an amnesty event. Courts and agencies with Matterhorn offer 24-7 access, from any device. 

People with an open warrant or those in jeopardy of receiving one fear arrest. For these individuals, coming to the court in person is scary. Having a way to approach the court online helps them take responsibility and resolve their issue. 

Amnesty Events

Courts an agencies schedule Amnesty events to 

  • recoup owed fines,
  • resolve outstanding failure to pay warrants, and 
  • clear defaulted cases from the backlog.

Plea Online

Online plea converts the slow process of plea-by-mail to a quick digital process. It is good for eligible cases when the person

  • does not live or work nearby,
  • is incarcerated, or 
  • has a significant barrier to attend court.

Warrant Prevention

Online warrant prevention helps you avoid adding to your open warrants by averting the warrant. 

Notify the individual before a failure-to-appear warrant is issued and then work with the person to address the issue. 

Warrant Resolution

People with outstanding warrants may fear coming to the courthouse. Help them clear their warrant by offering an online way to communicating with the court: Matterhorn. 

  • Let people find their warrants, and then approach the court to resolve.
  • The court decides.