While people may not want to ignore their legal financial obligations, sometimes well-intentioned people fall behind. Default triggers additional consequences for them, and then courts accumulate a backlog of outstanding cases and collections.

Courts schedule Amnesty events to:

  • recoup owed fines,
  • allow citizens to resolve outstanding warrants for failure to pay fines and costs, and/or
  • clear civil infraction and misdemeanor defaulted cases from your backlog.

Regardless of your motivation, Matterhorn allows you to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

With Matterhorn, the court plans its own online Amnesty program by defining the schedule, eligible case types, and any discounts available.

Matterhorn's online amnesty process is configurable to focus on steps and data required by your court. Then, citizens can interact with your court privately, securely and with a sense of ownership over their situation.

Matterhorn makes the process easy for court staff and citizens alike in a safe, online environment.

Online Amnesty - Configurable Steps

Step 1 - You Promote It

The court publicizes the Amnesty program and chosen dates to local media and on your website.

Step 2 - Citizens Search

Next, from a link on your website, citizens can search online within Matterhorn (using case number, driver’s license number, or other identifiers) to check eligibility.

Step 3 - Matterhorn Communicates

Then, Matterhorn notifies the citizen they have a one-time opportunity for amnesty and how to pay.

Step 4 - You Control It

Ultimately, Matterhorn can automate the amnesty requests completely or you can review and intervene on citizen requests in a dashboard.

Recoup Unpaid Fines & Provide Relief to Citizens with Online Amnesty Events

Benefits to your Court

  • Clear your outstanding receivables and backlog
  • Collect more with no staff increase
  • Save time with an online workflow
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Benefits to Citizens & Community

  • Connect with your court in a safe and trusted way
  • Resolve things on a mobile phone
  • Convenient when they cannot travel to the courthouse

What is Matterhorn?

Matterhorn is a web-based platform designed to allow courts to handle large volumes of infractions, disputes, warrants, and other cases—all online.