Warrant Resolution


Ideally, members of the public would take care of their legal obligations immediately, but this does not always happen. Sometimes people neglect to comply, by accident or intentionally.

They might not pay a fine or fee or they might fail to appear for a hearing. In those cases, the court will issue a failure-to-pay (FTP) or failure-to-appear (FTA) warrant.

People with outstanding warrants fear arrest. Alternatively, people may simply not be available to come to court due to work, school, or family commitments. As a result, courts accumulate a backlog of open warrants.

Matterhorn online warrant resolution allows people to communicate with the court easily to resolve their legal obligations without coming to court. It allows courts to clear cases that are in arrears.

Online Warrant Resolution Configurable Steps

Step 1 - People Search and Access

From a link on your website, people can search online within Matterhorn to check if they have eligible FTA or FTP warrants. People see if they have any open warrants, then learn what they must do to resolve them.

Step 2 - Citizens Request

People can explain to the court why they missed their payment or their hearing.

They can request a payment plan and/or a new hearing, depending on the situation.

Step 3 - The Court Decides

The court reviews each request and can accept or reject it.

Then, the court may create a payment plan or schedule a new hearing, as appropriate.

Step 4 - Matterhorn Notifies and Reminds

Matterhorn communicates with people by email and text to notify them of next steps and any changes to the status of their cases.

Matterhorn also reminds them of important due dates.

The court determines its own eligibility criteria and process. Matterhorn makes warrant resolution available from anywhere at any time. Courts may expand their warrant resolution options with an ability-to-pay assessment.

Online Warrant Resolution Benefits

Benefits to your Court

  • Reduces backlog by resolving open warrants
  • Saves staff time
  • Increases public and participant satisfaction
  • Configurable to your court’s unique approaches

Benefits to Law Enforcement

  • Reduces number of active warrants in your jurisdiction
  • Higher payment compliance
  • Averts transportation and incarceration costs
  • Increases public and officer safety

Benefits to the Public

  • Connect with your court in a safe and trusted way
  • Mobile-friendly, on-demand 24/7 access
  • Convenient for those who cannot take time off of work or travel to the courthouse