Ohio 2020 Dispute Resolution Conference – Postponed

UPDATE: The conference has been postponed indefinitely more info at Court News Ohio.

Join us at The Supreme Court of Ohio 2020 Dispute Resolution Conference. This year’s theme is “Civility and Solutions: Dispute Resolution for Today’s Courts.” March 10, 2020 at The Ohio State University.

Session highlights will include:

  • “How a History of Trauma Impacts Dispute Resolution and What Can be Done to Generate Positive Case Outcomes.” This panel will include Alex Sanchez, Esq. Manager and Mediator Franklin County Municipal Court, Small Claims Division and Dispute Resolution Department. 10:15-11:15
  • “ODR in the Courts: Today’s Courts, Today’s Technology,” speakers include Paul Embley, National Center for State Courts, MJ Cartwright 10:15-11:15
  • “Online Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice in Rural Communities: How Portals Can Help Overcome Barriers of Vocation, Language, Limited Ability and More,” Paul Embley, National Center for State Courts 11:30-12:30
  • “AI and Dispute Resolution: How Artificial Intelligence Fits Into Dispute Resolution” Paul Embley and Alex Sanchez 2:30-3:30.
  • “Online Dispute Resolution and Lessons Learned.” This panel will include Paul Embley and Danielle Hirsch from the National Center for State Courts. 3:45-4:45

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