Online Amnesty at the 31st District Court through October 2018

Do you owe money to the 31st District Court or you’re not sure? Now is a great time to check online. The court is currently holding an online Amnesty Program for outstanding tickets through October 31, 2018.

The program provides individuals an opportunity to settle outstanding court financial obligations while saving money. The Online Amnesty Application allows court users to search for their delinquent tickets and make payment at a discounted rate online without having to appear in person at the court.

31st District Court – Hamtramck, Michigan

Michigan Secretary of State Eliminates Driver Responsibility Fees

The Amnesty Program coincides with the Michigan Secretary of State eliminating Driver Responsibility Fees (DRF) effective October 1, 2018. The repeal of the DRF law allows individuals to apply for reinstatement of their driving privileges provided they are eligible and do not possess any outstanding traffic tickets.  

The 31st District Court continues to be a pioneer in increasing access to justice through the use of technology. Their online process is the same as what would happen inside the courthouse, except members of the public are able to interact with the court via a convenient online platform from anywhere and on any device. The online ticket review, past due, and online amnesty are powered by Matterhorn.

“Judge Krot and the staff at the 31st District Court are leading the way in providing access to justice in the Detroit area, Michigan, and the US. We’re proud to work closely with this pioneering court to make justice easier to access for the people of Hamtramck.”

MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn’s CEO

Members of the public can check their status and submit applications for Amnesty at the 31st District Court’s online resolution site here.

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