Online Court Processes – Town Hall with courts who have done it

Considering taking court processes online? Hear from court teams who have done it. Join us Tuesday April 7, 2-3PM Eastern. Register now.

Courts have been using online platforms to increase access to justice, reduce the need for in-person court appearances, improve efficiencies – while improving overall results and performance. 

In this time of social distancing, an online platform is an essential tool to handle disputes and adjudicate cases such as traffic and criminal cases, civil cases, family and domestic cases, and to assess ability-to-pay.  

Our panelists will be: 

  • Lisa Fusik
    • Court Administrator, Michigan 14A District Court 
    • Implemented online adjudication of misdemeanor cases in 2014 
  • Alex Sanchez 
    • Manager, Franklin County Ohio Municipal Court Small Claims Division and Dispute Resolution Department 
    • Implemented Online Dispute Resolution in 2016 
  • Tracy McElroy 
    • Director, Court Conciliation Services, Family Court, Superior Court of Arizona, Pinal County 
    • Implemented Online Dispute Resolution in 2019 

We will hear from our panel on how they prepared, how they launched, and what they’ve learned from managing an online platform.  

Get your questions answered and speak with experienced court administrators and leaders. 


  • please come prepared to interact with other participants and our panelists with a webcam and microphone.  
  • this will not be a recorded session, and so it will not be available for streaming after the date 
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