ABA: Online Options Drive Results (ODR)

Matterhorn CEO MJ Cartwright to present at the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Tech Expo on Tuesday, September 15 at 1PM Eastern.

MJ Cartwright presents at the ABA 2020 Dispute Resolution Tech Expo

Online options to resolve issues and cases has always been important — now more than ever during this public health crisis. Attend the session at 1PM Eastern Tuesday September 15 (registration required).

Courts, municipalities, and dispute resolution centers use Matterhorn to open an online door to access justice in cases such as: 

Members of the public appreciate the ability to engage with their court, municipality, or mediation center online via Matterhorn.  

Matterhorn courts earn high marks for access (40% of Matterhorn users say they would not have been able to attend to their matter in person, approximately 60% use the system on a mobile device) and customer service (members of the public say that the system is easy to use and they would recommend it to others).  

As part of building the platform and serving the customer base, Cartwright has brokered numerous partnership and integration agreements. As a result, Matterhorn and its partners can provide court customers a turnkey and easy-to-use online dispute resolution platform.  

About MJ Cartwright

MJ Cartwright is the CEO of Court Innovations. She has led the strategy and built the team to take the Matterhorn online dispute resolution platform from an academic idea in 2014 to a platform in use by over 110 locations in 16 US states (as of September 2020). 

Cartwright has applied her engineering and business training, her leadership and relationship-building skills in manufacturing, healthcare, and now dispute resolution. Cartwright participates in several court industry task forces and initiatives, including the IJIS Courts Advisory Committee. She speaks at dispute resolution and court-industry conferences on ODR initiatives and lessons learned.  

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