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East Lansing 54B District Court Offers Online Arrest Warrant Resolution

The exterior of East Lansing's district court.EAST LANSING, Mich. — The East Lansing 54B District Court has added another online platform with Court Innovations Matterhorn.

Through this new program, defendants with outstanding arrest warrants for failure to pay fines and costs may resolve the matter with the court online. Prior to this new online solution, a defendant could only appear in front of the judge to get the warrant canceled.

Individuals using this new platform will be asked a series of qualifying questions to determine whether they are eligible to resolve the arrest warrant online. If eligible, a defendant can submit their request online, where it will be reviewed by court personnel to confirm the warrant is for failure to pay fines and costs. From there, the defendant can pay and have their warrant canceled and receive notification via text or email that the case is resolved and closed.

East Lansing 54B District Court Chief Judge Andrea Andrews Larkin approves of the customer service aspect of the program.
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Very easy to use and helps me a lot. If this wasn't available there is no way I would have the time to come in and have a court date. Time away from work is a no-go.

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It was very easy to use especially seeing I was going out of town.

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The website was GREAT! Extremely timely and I was really amazed that an actual person responded....THANK YOU for this great opportunity!!

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More courts should have this option to lessen the wait time it would normally take if having to go to court. Excellent service to have! Thank you again for having it.

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This is a very helpful action for those of us that are safe drivers and made a mistake.

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The website was very easy to understand and so convenient. I could check it every day to see if the status had changed and what action I would have to do.

What a great way to save time and money--for court and the client!

About Matterhorn

Matterhorn is the online dispute resolution platform for courts and government agencies. Our customers include courts and municipalities. Our customer courts span district, traffic, family, and circuit courts. Matterhorn serves large and small districts, urban and rural communities,and decentralized and unified systems.

Matterhorn can match or streamline on your existing process and connects in a lightweight way with your other systems.

Matterhorn enables you to address a wide variety of case types including civil cases (such as small claims cases) and family court compliance, traffic tickets, civil infractions, and lesser misdemeanors (“Class C” Misdemeanors in some states), resolve warrants and pleas, and assess ability to pay.