Pew Trusts Feature ODR and Matterhorn Founder J.J. Prescott

Matterhorn founder J.J. Prescott recently responded to questions from Pew Trusts about online dispute resolution (ODR). The responses published June 4, 2019 on Pew’s online site discuss the impact, outcomes, and potential of ODR. In addition, the article addresses the best methods for courts to measure and evaluate ODR platform success and value.

ODR Improving the Civil Legal System

“ODR makes communication and access much easier, lowering barriers to going to court by reducing the need for face-to-face hearings.

It helps reduce litigant confusion and fear, allows asynchronous scheduling to accommodate work and child care schedules, and offers a more reliable and easier-to-use means for litigants to make their voices heard. ODR can also make litigation outcomes more accurate by ensuring that litigants and judges have more, better, and easier-to-use information. And by downplaying aspects of the litigant’s identity (race, gender, weight, etc.), ODR can render outcomes less subject to implicit biases.”

Matterhorn Founder J.J. Prescott, Pew Trusts Article – June 4, 2019

Thanks to Pew Trusts and the Civil Legal System Modernization project team for their commitment to highlight how ODR, technology, and innovation increase access to justice.

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