Pinal County Superior Court launches ODR for Family Cases

Until this week, anyone who was part of a family case in the Superior Court of Arizona in Pinal County had to come to court to resolve their matter. That option will remain. Now, people can now participate in online dispute resolution (ODR) with the court 24-7, from anywhere.

According to the press release issued by the Supreme Court of Arizona,

ODR is a free service that can be used over the internet without having to go to a courthouse. When a party in the Pinal County Superior Court files to initiate or modify a family court matter, ODR will allow the parties to negotiate their case online with the help of a court facilitator. The service is free, and in most cases, eliminates the need for parties to appear in person at the courthouse.

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Expanding access via ODR for Family Cases in Arizona

The Superior Court of Arizona in Pinal County is the third court in Arizona to use ODR for domestic relations cases. Its ODR platform is powered by Matterhorn.

Matterhorn ODR allows people to communicate with other parties in the proceeding, including court mediators and staff from the Attorney General’s office, from anywhere on any device. Parties can work together with court staff to resolve issues and come to new agreements, including document upload, review and signature online.

“With this launch, the Superior Court of Arizona in Pinal County extends their court online and offers another option to parents involved in court cases. We love working with tech-savvy service-oriented courts such as the courts in Arizona to expand convenience, access, and efficiencies for all.”

MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn General Manager

Congratulations to the Pinal County Superior Court and the Administrative Office of the Courts in Arizona for this launch!

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