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Resolve Family Disputes without ever going to court

Matterhorn / coParenter partnership empowers self represented people to make, manage, modify, and file legal agreements before, during and after judgment.

For Immediate Release – Ann Arbor, MI – January 30, 2020

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Resolve family disputes at court without going to court with coParenter and Matterhorn

Technology is already woven into every aspect of our personal lives. But today’s families (often self-represented court users) need help to navigate the courts and litigation around family issues. Legal cases such as dissolution, divorce, separation, paternity, and custody are complex, expensive and often lead to multiple return visits, even after a final judgment.  Forward-thinking courts and software providers have made this process easier via digital, mobile services. 

Two proven software platforms, Matterhorn ODR and coParenter, have announced a partnership and now interact seamlessly in a single end-to-end experience. Both platforms allow families to draw on the support of court facilitators, mediators, and third-party neutrals as needed. These platforms already help families work together, now each integrates to offer an integrated experience, without double entry and with the ease and familiarity of a mobile experience.  These platforms still operate separately yet more powerfully, together. 

The combined platform allows parents to make and manage day-to-day coParenting decisions and negotiated agreements, as well as non-editable records of communication and coParenting activity, will sync directly to the Court CMS.  

The partnership also represents a giant leap forward for the more than 85% of litigants who are self represented, who now have access to an affordable, end-to-end solution that guides them through the entire court, filing and legal resolution process, even after a final judgement has been issued. 

“Matterhorn is a leading ODR platform with strong, proven outcomes. Working together, we can now provide end-to-end services to expand convenience, access and efficiency and reduce unnecessary in-court litigation. That’s good for courts, but it’s monumental for children and families.”

Jonathan Verk, CEO at coParenter

“coParenter has an important platform to help parents work together to avoid ending up back in court. It is a valuable tool for parents to manage their day-to-day activities. Combined with Matterhorn, parents can modify and file post-judgement agreements and resolve disputes conveniently via their mobile devices.

“This partnership and integration will give courts and parents even more power to reduce conflict and stress for parents and especially the children of divorce. Court systems will see more efficiencies and reductions in returning case loads with improved access to justice.”

MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn CEO

About Matterhorn

Courts have been using Matterhorn online dispute resolution since 2014 to empower their clients to resolve disputes and to stay on top of their commitments. Matterhorn helps parents involved in legal cases attend to their disputes and legal matters securely from anywhere at any time.

Parents can work together with court staff to create, review, and sign agreements online. Matterhorn is also used by parties to resolve matters before they turn into court cases. Matterhorn has been used for over 90,000 cases to date, earning high marks from end users and court customers alike.

About coParenter

Families have been using coParenter since 2017 to manage day-to-day co-parenting responsibilities and make parenting decisions together. coParenter is the first Intelligent Resolution Platform (IDR) by Hyphenus, Inc. designed to help separated, divorced and never-married parents make effective co-parenting decisions such as custody arrangements, child support payments, holiday scheduling and more — all out of court, saving them money and time. Available on iOS and Android, coParenter brings together communication tools, predictive technologies and on-demand human assistance to prevent conflict and make co-parenting seamless. For more information, please visit  

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