SE Michigan Startup – Seeing is believing spurs growth for Court Innovations

Few things are as effective at closing a deal as getting the customer to interact with the product. Seeing is believing is not just a cliche, but the way Court Innovations grows its business.

“As soon as they see it operating they see the value in it,” says MJ Cartwright, CEO of Court Innovations. “They really get it and want to start using it.”

The downtown Ann Arbor-based startup has a software platform that most people would love to see in their local judicial system. Litigants using Court Innovations’ software can navigate their local court system online for things like civil infractions. Think less standing in line in a court house and more clicking on a mouse pad at home.

Sounds simple enough, right? It made enough sense that the University of Michigan’s Third Century Initiative bankrolled a $3 million development of the university spinout’s software last year. However, integrating it into everyday life means finding a way to get buy-in from bureaucracies and local populations, two segments that are notorious for not cooperating on what seems like simple solutions.

Those are the biggest challenges Cartwright and her team of six employees and four interns face at Court Innovations. Getting bureaucratic buy-in has been focused on selling the idea to the leadership in local courts first, and then the people who would use it. The first judges who bought in, all Michigan-based, proved enthusiastic […]

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