Solve for today and tomorrow: Futureproof your court with justice options (CTC 2021)

The road ahead will offer unexpected challenges. How can courts best prepare for changes to come? See you at CTC 2021, Wednesday, September 29 at 12 Noon-12:30PM Eastern.

We saw during the COVID-19 pandemic that courts with online access platforms had flexibility. They were able to shift their mode of service and continue their work even when the courthouse was closed by state mandates. Other courts pivoted quickly to offer access during that time, expanding options to adapt to this difficult situation.

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Announcement for the Session at CTC

The JTC Court Component Model provides a backbone and standard for the interoperability required to offering flexibility for access.

Hear from the Supreme Court of Ohio and Ohio judicial officers about their state-wide and court-level initiatives to increase access to justice via offering online platforms to resolve several case types, including evictions, small claims, foreclosures, and family law cases, to ensure continued court operations during the pandemic and to ensure that there are no case backlogs

Learn about the groundwork and process changes courts put in place for online court access and how these platforms have transformed access to justice in these jurisdictions.

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  • Hear the presentation – Wednesday, September 29 at 12 noon-12:30PM Eastern.
  • Get more info about CTC 2021 – in person and via the live stream
  • Going to CTC? Come to the session and come say hello at booth 625 in the Exhibit Hall
    • 9-3:30 Tuesday
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