Texas Indigent Defense Commission Highlights ODR

The Texas Indigent Defense Commission (TIDC) highlighted ODR in its most recent Indigent Defense Innovation publication. The paper focuses on the impact of ODR to increase access to justice. 

Making Justice Equal for All

“Online dispute resolution (ODR) offers a promising path to expanding access to justice in civil and criminal matters.

We are excited to see how this technology can help make justice equal for all individuals.”

Policy Analyst Morgan Shell, Texas Indigent Defense Commission

Increased Access in Farmers Branch, Texas

Furthermore, the paper presents Farmers Branch Municipal Court’s ODR platform as a “Model Program.” The court implemented use of ODR in January 2018 and allows people to contest and resolve misdemeanor infractions online. 

ODR in Farmers Branch has increased access to justice: fifty-two percent of people who used the court’s ODR system said they would not otherwise been able to appear in court.  

Since launch, Farmers Branch Municipal Court has resolved over 1,100 misdemeanors online with Matterhorn. 

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