The 54B District Court uses ODR on Snow Days

With today’s court and office closures due to the snow in Michigan, we were reminded of another benefit of online dispute resolution (ODR) for the public and our courts. ODR for Snow Days!

In Michigan, we get snow. And sometimes we get a lot of snow on one day, which can make road travel unsafe. In inclement weather, courts may close their doors. For example, here is a tweet from the Michigan Supreme Court about a few of today’s court closures:

Use ODR to Serve the Public, Despite the Weather

With technology, going to court in person is not the only option. The 54B District Court, East Lansing Michigan, uses their online platform to help people get their issues handled even during a snow day. According to 54B Court Administrator Nicole Evans,

Our team uses the Create Request feature and find it handy especially when a case needs to be adjourned or the courthouse has to close due to bad weather. Rather than rescheduling a hearing date we can send the contester a link through the system to start an online review. This gives the public another opportunity to take care of their court matter without having to reschedule, especially in bad weather!

Nicole Evans, Court Administrator, 54B District Court

So, stay warm, dry, off the roads, and get your work done with online dispute resolution.

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