Troy Thompson receives McMahon Use of Court Technology Award

Decatur, Georgia—Technology has helped courts serve the public and keep safe while social distancing. Court Administrator Troy Thompson, Esq., was honored with the William R. McMahon Award for the Use of Court Technology by the National Conference of Specialized Court Judges.

Congratulations Troy Thompson!

Among his other achievements, Thompson led

  • the online traffic case resolution projects at the DeKalb County State Court and
  • the online dispute resolution project for small claims cases at the DeKalb County Magistrate Courts.

“it was Mr. Thompson’s foresight…that has made a marked difference in our Traffic Division’s ability to handle a volume of cases during the pandemic….

“Mr. Thompson, his IT team, our platform partners and I developed the architecture for a fully electronic platform  “On-line Case Resolution” (OCR), for greater remote access and fairness for individuals required to come before the court….Over 2,000 cases have been processed through the OCR platform during the pandemic, to date, and this innovation represents a first in the Southeast, perhaps the nation, on this large of a scale. A similar platform has also been designed and strategically aligned for the Magistrate court.” 

Hon. Ronald B Ramsey, Sr., Decatur, GA – NCSCJ Chair’s Column

Congratulations to Troy and to the leadership and staff at these forward-thinking courts. And we’re proud to power these two platforms.

The National Conference of Specialized Court Judges is a conference within the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association. The Conference presented the award to Thompson at a Virtual Awards Ceremony in October, 2020.

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