How it Works: Technical

Matterhorn is an online dispute resolution platform offered as a software as a service (SaaS). That means no servers, no hardware, no maintenance costs or upgrade costs to you. Members of the public and your personnel alike can securely access Matterhorn on any web-enabled device. Your Matterhorn subscription covers all system and software maintenance, enhancements, and updates.

Matterhorn simplifies and streamlines your workflow

Matterhorn workflows, content, and rules are all configurable to a wide array of situations and case types.

The Matterhorn ODR platform allows for configurable workflow and access for your team based on the specific tasks for each case type. Your users will have varied permissions and views on cases as defined by roles, for example judges, clerks, prosecutors and law enforcement, caseworkers, and administrators.

Matterhorn can replicate your existing workflow, including the sequence of people and agencies who review and comment on a decision. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to streamline or simplify the process when you make it available online.

Matterhorn connects to other systems, easily

Matterhorn can and prefers to link with your existing case management system (CMS). We connect through an API, through web services, and in some cases through secure file transfers.

In addition to connecting with your CMS or e-filing system, Matterhorn can display important information from systems such as driving records or criminal histories to help your personnel make the right decisions in the right context. You don't need to be logged into three different systems and constantly request files and papers – it's all contained in the Matterhorn interface.

Matterhorn scales

Matterhorn scales across courts and agencies with small caseloads to those with hundreds of thousands of cases per year. Dashboards, prioritization and triaging capabilities and smart automation make it all simple to manage. And onboarding new staffers is as simple as adding their email address to the system.