Launch Timeline

Think Weeks, Not Months

Matterhorn is web-based and quick to deploy.

In a matter of weeks, Matterhorn can: close cases faster, increase collection rates, reduce costs and increase access to justice for the public. Learn more about the results our courts and agencies have achieved.

Unlike larger-scale IT projects, Matterhorn does not require months of integration. In instances where we onboard a court or agency in a new state or with a new data connection, we facilitate and host the conversations that need to take place to ensure your business process are followed and the software is set up in a way that's right for you and your community.

Your Matterhorn launch team will lead you through your launch!

Steps to Launch with Matterhorn

Confirm and Configure Workflow

Weeks 1-3

  • Document your workflow and eligibility rules.
  • Recommit to your project success metrics.
  • Matterhorn reflects your court’s processes and roles, your information needs, and eligibility criteria.
  • Automate processes and communications while maintaining the judicial and law enforcement discretion based on your priorities.

Link with your CMS

Weeks 2–4

  • Define the data exchanges between Matterhorn and your Court Case Management System.

Prelaunch Review & Train

Prior to Launch

  • Review and approve your new online dispute resolution system.
  • Live, virtual training session or deliver a prerecorded video for your team and reference.

Prepare to Promote

Prior to Launch
Use our promotional toolkit for best practices:

  • checklist
  • press release
  • digital materials to print and share (posters, cards and more).


Typically 2-6 weeks after start

  • Ongoing measurement of your metrics
  • Continuous refinement

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