Security & Privacy

Our mission is to increase access to justice by allowing courts, government agencies, and the public to resolve tickets and disputes online. The confidentiality and integrity of court, agency, and personal data is paramount to us all. We run our applications on cloud infrastructure that meets and exceeds industry and government standards.

Online Dispute Resolution Security

Matterhorn uses Online Tech, LLC for our IT infrastructure. Online Tech is a regional data center provider that provides secure, compliant hosting services for many Midwest banks and hospitals. Online Tech's data centers are compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SSAE 16/SOC 1, SOC 2 and Safe Harbor safeguards. Online Tech's processes, people, facilities, and services are audited and certified annually by independent auditors.

In addition to the secure, compliant infrastructure provided by Online Tech, the Matterhorn team takes the following additional precautions to protect our servers and databases from unauthorized access and data loss:

  • Production application servers are only accessible from a VPN, with individual logins for selected members of Court Innovations' technology team.
  • Production database servers do not have public IP addresses and are only accessible via production application servers.
  • Database contents and other important server content are backed up and encrypted nightly.
  • Our software is developed using security practices that address all of the priorities in the OWASP Top Ten list.
  • Matterhorn web applications are accessed over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • User access is protected by one-way encrypted, strong passwords. Users must have access to their email account to reset their password.
  • Our platform is routinely audited for security.
  • Our platform is in compliance with IRS p 1075 safeguards.

Online Dispute Resolution Privacy

Our data usage from outside systems is governed by agreements that spell out our security and usage provisions. Data attributable to a specific individual or that would could be used to identify a particular individual is not made publicly available nor sold nor used outside of Matterhorn, save for aggregate data used for our research and product improvement initiatives. We have agreements in place with various state government organizations.