Video: Coverage of Sherwood, AR – KTHV

Sherwood District Court Judge Milas “Butch” Hale and Sherwood Police Department Sergeant Keith Wilson were interviewed on KTHV / THV11.

still from the video

Still from KTHV video on minor traffic violations can now be disputed or paid online in Sherwood District Court

The interviews discussed Sherwood’s launch of Matterhorn online traffic ticket resolution. According to Amanda Jaeger of KTHV, Sherwood, AR, has offered the first online ticket review in the state of Arkansas.

still of judge hale from the video

Still of Judge Hale from the video

“It enables people, in the comfort of their own home, to participate in the legal process without having to stand in line for court, take off work, or try to get a babysitter,” Judge Hale said.

Still of Sergeant Wilson

According to Sergeant Keith Wilson,

“Anytime you come in for a court day, you see the room lined with police officers,” he said. “This move will alleviate a lot of the officers coming in for court so they can be back on the street protecting citizens.”

Read the full story and see the video online at THV11.

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