Video: Magistrate combines templates and custom notes to make connections via ODR

Effective dispute resolution relies on clear communication. Hear from Magistrate Laura Millmore, 54A District Court, on how she creates templates for ODR within Matterhorn. She personalizes her templates to connect with people who get in touch with the court via the platform.

Online dispute resolution systems enable communication by providing 24/7 access via a convenient interface, yet some people may fear that it might feel impersonal. Savvy courts make sure to connect via the platform rather than just hand down decisions.

Last year, when we interviewed Magistrate Millmore for the video on 54A District Court’s use of Matterhorn, she elaborated on how she connects via the use of custom messages and templates for ODR. Because she provides such a good explanation of her approach, we’ve provided that video for your reference here.

Templates and Custom Notes for ODR

Magistrate Laura Millmore, 54A District Court

For certain violations, I have created templates, which is another part of the program which I really, really like. Because I have created probably twenty or more templates based on different scenarios that I see.

I will send a response to every single person that is in my queue, and I will personalize those responses, to not only their comments but to just generalities: being safe on the road…if you’re safe, then I know other people are safe.

And I think that adds an element to driver to know that hey, I’m not just talking to someone who’s pushing a button, I’m talking to a real person who has made this decision and had made it in good conscience. That part is crucial and I hope that other magistrates are able to use that and do the same. Because I think that adds an element of conscientiousness on our parts, to listen to people and make a fair decision.

Magistrate Laura Millmore, 54A District Court

Satisfaction Surveys: The Public Values the Time Invested in ODR

After each case is resolved on Matterhorn, it sends a customer satisfaction link to the participant(s). We hear from participants that they really do value that personal touch. Here are some highlights from 54A survey responses:

  • Ninety-four percent said their case was resolved in a timely manner
  • Eight-nine percent would recommend the ODR site to a friend or family member
  • Eighty-eight percent say that they understood the status of their case throughout the process

Undoubtedly, the care the Magistrate and the team at 54A District Court take of these cases drive these positive ratings.

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