Video: ODR Benefits for Judges

Hear what courts with traffic ticket resolution and warrant resolution say about Matterhorn.

Featured in this video are Judge Brigette Officer-Hill of the 30th District Court and Bob Ciolek, Court Administrator at the 14A District Court.

Judge Brigette Officer-Hill

Well, dealing with citizens through the Matterhorn system definitely enhances my judicial decision-making process because I get more information from the citizen.

A lot of times when they come to court it’s a big audience they may not say everything they really want or I need to hear. So when I get the opportunity to talk to them one-on-one, almost, because they’re communicating with me through the system and I’m responding back through the system, I can get more information and give them a better result.

Bob Ciolek

Were we skeptical? Yes, we were.
That was our big question coming into this: is what can they do for the court?
And, after the first couple of meetings that skepticism went away.

Judge Brigette Officer-Hill

It allows officers to stay on the streets. It allows citizens to stay at home or at work. It allows the judiciary to deal with cases that demand that people come to court.

So, it really gave us so many benefits that I’m really looking forward to where we can take it next

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