Video: ODR Benefits the Public

Hear what courts with traffic ticket resolution and warrant resolution say about Matterhorn.

Featured in this video are Judge Brigette Officer-Hill of the 30th District Court and Bob Ciolek, Court Administrator, and Lisa Fusik, Deputy Court Administrator, from the 14A District Court.

Bob Ciolek

The citizens have benefited greatly because they can do this at home, at work, on vacation…to take care of their ticket without having to come to court.

Lisa Fusik

The really great thing about this feature with Court Innovations is that right on the side of the road they can start putting their their information in.

Court Innovations is great about responding back to defendants as soon as they find something in the system. So it allows them to be up to date right from the get-go.

Judge Brigette Officer-Hill.

A lot of people want to come to a hearing so they can hopefully get their ticket dismissed, obviously. But if not, to at least get rid of the points or eliminate some of the infractions.

So now knowing that they will automatically be able to review and negotiate their tickets without ever having to appear before a judge or magistrate they love it.

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