Washtenaw County Courts use ODR for DWLS Cases

Michigan 14A and 14B District Courts are improving access to justice for the public online. For drivers who have received a Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) citation, the courts provide an online way for individuals to identify the location of their suspension(s) and a guided path to resolve them. Once the suspension(s) are removed and the driver has their license back, they can resolve their DWLS citation.

Guiding Individuals Each Step of the Way

Via the court’s ODR site, people can start to address the issues leading to their suspended license 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The aim of the program is to ensure individuals have the information they need and clear timelines in order to guide them through the process of getting their license back.

Furthermore, the program provides the individual a “To Do” list with instructions on how to clear their suspension. In addition, proactive notifications and reminders are sent via email and text throughout the process. This guided process allows people a way to connect back with the court.

Individuals are able to upload an image of their driver’s license through the online platform once they clear their suspension. The court may choose to amend the DWLS offense after they receive proof that the individual’s drivers license has been restored.

Helping People Move Forward

“It is always nice to be able to help someone move forward to a more stable life. The DWLS program offers an opportunity for defendants to have guidance and support and a little extra time while resolving their case to a really good outcome. I feel strongly that this is an important and valuable program.”

Magistrate Elisha Fink, 14A District Court, Washtenaw County, Michigan

Furthermore, Matterhorn’s ODR for DWLS cases is configurable in order to fit the needs of each court. For example, 14A District Court was able to create an online program that has reduced dockets and provided the necessary tools and support to prevent recidivism.

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