Webinar: Overcoming Distance with ODR – A Rural Perspective

Please join us for an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) webinar on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 3PM Eastern. Register and attend to hear Magistrate Janice Doner discuss the experience of the 74th District Court in Bay County, Michigan use of ODR to extend access and eliminate barriers of distance.

Why Attend this Rural Perspective ODR Webinar

The Panel

  • Janice Doner, Magistrate for the 74th District Court, Bay County, Michigan
  • Interviewed by Dunrie Greiling, Matterhorn’s Chief Product Officer

Webinar Agenda

  • Implementation and use of ODR to resolve cases online
    • Traffic Infractions
    • Warrants
    • Past Due
  • Firsthand account of the impact and outcomes of using ODR to overcome barriers of distance
    • The 74th District Court has resolved over 4,400 cases online since launching their ODR platform in 2014
    • Perspective on the use of ODR to increase access to rural communities, seasonal residents, vacationers, and people passing through town on their way “Up North”

Judges, court administrators, clerks, mediators, and attorneys:

  • Learn how ODR helps courts and agencies improve access to justice, efficiency, fairness, and customer satisfaction
  • Get your questions answered and hear answers to questions of other attendees
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