WILX – Lansing Court Launches Online Ticket Review

Lansing’s 54-A District Court is launching a new online service that provides an opportunity for drivers to resolve certain traffic tickets without having to come to court.

The Court has contracted with Court Innovations Matterhorn to offer an online platform through which a motorist can request to have his or her ticket reviewed.

The program walks the individual through a series of questions to determine whether they are eligible to resolve the violation online. If eligible, the individual can submit the request for review by the Lansing Police Department. Once approved there, the request is forwarded to a judge or magistrate for final determination. Defendants can follow the process of their case, and will be notified of the judge’s decision by text or email

Judge Alderson notes that the decision to go to online ticket review was finalized following East Lansing’s 54-B District Court’s success with the same program.

“54-A District Court is committed to improving our citizens’ access to justice. Providing the ability to resolve minor traffic matters online, without having to come to court, is one way to enhance the convenience of our customers,” said Chief Judge Louise Alderson […]

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