Wired: ODR to Address Eviction “Tsunami”

On August 28, 2020, Wired Magazine published an article on ODR that included the Matterhorn platform. “To Stop the Eviction Tsunami, We Need Online Chats“. The subtitle of the article explains “Tenants who get dragged to court are often at a disadvantage. But a new system, known as online dispute resolution, gives them a better shot.”

The article focuses on the State of Iowa’s program in Story County and on court-connected online dispute resolution nationwide. The article mentions Matterhorn’s success in Michigan in traffic cases and the expansion of MI-Resolve ODR for mediation statewide.

In Michigan, an initial estimate found that an ODR system called Matterhorn cut the rate of defaults on traffic tickets from 20 percent to 2 percent….Over the last several months—and with the possible eviction tsunami looming—more and more localities have started experimenting with ODR for cases involving landlord/tenant disputes. The most comprehensive of these is probably Michigan’s MI-Resolve platform.

Michael Waters, Wired Magazine “To Stop the Eviction Tsunami, We need online chats”

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