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WSB-TV2: DeKalb County State Court (GA) offers Online Traffic Court

The DeKalb County State Court in Decatur, Georgia launched online traffic court with Matterhorn on July 3, 2020.

From the WSB-TV2 Broadcast about DeKalb County State Court’s launch of Online Traffic Court

Now, motorists in DeKalb County can resolve their traffic tickets online, from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet, or computer and on heir own schedule.

“Now more than ever, access to justice and fairness is at the forefront in our society. We are honored to provide this next level of access to justice and service to our citizens utilizing technology. This option keeps the public safe, our court staff safe and saves our citizens time, anxiety and resources.”

Presiding Judge, Ronald B. Ramsey, Sr., quoted by WSB-TV2, Atlanta

Congratulations to Presiding Judge Ronald B. Ramsey, Sr., and the team at the DeKalb County State Court for increasing access to justice in Georgia.

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